Grant Guidelines


To be considered for funding, applicants must be 501(c)(3) organizations.  RMHC generally will not provide support for the following types of organizations or activities:

  • Advertising or fundraising drives
  • Partisan, political or denominational programs
  • General and administrative costs
  • Intermediary funding agencies
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Staff salaries or travel expenses
  • Buildings, additions or renovations

Additional Restrictions

  • RMHC awards grants to agencies located in Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario and Wayne counties.
  • Applications to benefit or involve Golisano Children's Hospital at Strong require different procedures. Call for more information. 
  • Grants for camp programs are restricted to furniture and equipment purchases. 
  • DEFERRED GRANTS: Grants for programs or projects which will not be implemented at once or in the very near future may be awarded in the form of a pledge, payable when the program/project is underway.

Note: All requests must be in writing.

Application Deadlines

Grant applications are reviewed three times a year at our Grants Committee meetings. Deadlines for applications are scheduled approximately six weeks* before the meetings to allow for site visits and complete review by the committee.

Grants are awarded as funds are made available. At any meeting, grant applications may be tabled due to insufficient information and/or lack of available funds. Deadlines for 2016 & 2017 are:

  • December 16, 2016
  • April 14, 2017
  • August 18, 2017
  • December 15, 2017

    *Attention: Submitting an application on or near the deadline is not advised. If the application is incomplete or otherwise unsatisfactory, it may be held until the next review.

Responsibilities of Recipients

The recipient of a grant from RMHC must use funds awarded for the specific purpose for which they were originally intended unless permission is given in writing to do otherwise. Any funds not used must be returned.

Within one year, RMHC requires a final written evaluation and a detailed accounting report, including copies of receipts, for every grant awarded. A site visit may also be conducted. The evaluation of your project will influence the likelihood of future grants to your organization.