Mini-Grant Program

RMHC Mini-Grants

Our mini-grant initiative is designed to allow non-profit organizatons serving children in our community the opportunity to have access to funds up to $1,000 in an efficient and timely fashion.  This affords our grants program a pathway to reach out to more organizations and support the many programs in our community that benefit children locally.  Greater impact is always our goal and children's health is our priority.

Application Process

Submit a letter (on the letterhead of the non-profit organization) explaining the need and how the funds will be utilized.  A project description should be included in the letter that explains how this project will meet your need, and by what date the funds would be needed.  Also include how many children will be served as a result of these funds and how you will provide our committee with evidence of your accomplishments.  Please include contact information with your letter including an email address and phone number.  Along with your letter, please send a copy of your 501(c)(3).

All mini-grant submissions should be mailed to the address below or emailed to:

     Ronald McDonald House Charities of Rochester
     Attn:  Mini-Grants Committee
     333 Westmoreland Drive
     Rochester, NY   14620


Once the application (letter) is received, a mini-grants committee member will be assigned to review your request.  That person will contact you to have a conversation and/or site visit, and will make a recommendation to the Grants Committee.  A representative from Ronald McDonald House Charities will contact you after your conversation/visit and will inform you of the status of your application.  All grant recipients must agree to submit in writing (photos are appreciated) evidence of your accomplishements.

Funding Sources

Money for the grantmaking program of RMHC Rochester doesn not come from funds donated for the operations of Ronald McDoanld Houses.  Rather, funds come from a variety of other sources including McDonald's restaurant canisters and national promotions.


To be considered for funding, applicants must be 501(c)(3) organizations.  RMHC generally will not provide support for the following types of organizations or activities:

  • Advertising or fundraising drives
  • Partisan, political, or demoninational pro​grams
  • General and administrative costs
  • Intermediary funding agencies
  • Endowment campaigns
  • Staff salaries or travel expenses
  • Buildings, additions, or renovations

Additonal Considerations

  • RMHC awards grants to agencies located in Monroe, Genesee, Livingston, Ontario and Wayne counties
  • Traditional grants (larger dollar amounts) are availble through our current grant process. To apply online, click here.